“Dupont Innovations on Enzyme Technology” was held in Dhaka

Staff reporter: The entrepreneur faces many challenges in the Poultry industry of the country. In spite of this, there is a lot of opportunity to explore the poultry business in home & abroad. In the current context, the country has made a lot of progress in producing safe poultry meat, egg, processed & further processed chicken as well as value added chicken items. Like many poultry entrepreneurs of the country, the Eon Group has always kept themselves in these activities.

To play more contribution in the poultry industry Eon Group of Industries & Dupont USA jointly organized a technical seminar on “Dupont Innovations on Enzyme Technology” on Wednesday (3 April) at Eon Convention center, Tejgaon in Dhaka.

The Seminar was Started with the welcome speech by Mr. Momin Ud Dowlah, Group Chairman & Managing Director, Eon Group of Industries. He thanked all the guests and expressed his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the company for coming to the seminar.

Before started the technical seminar Business Manager-South Asia of Dupont Mr. Vivek Tyagi discussed about the Dupont Products & services. Dupont is a global enzyme player who has 68% share of the world enzyme market he added. He also focused the Dupont technical services.

Then technical talks of the seminar was started by Dr. Amir E. Ghane, Regional Technical service Manager-Asia Pacific, Dupont Industrial Biosciences.

Dr. Amir briefed that Axtra® PHY is a patented new, unique bacterial phytase developed by Danisco Animal Nutrition. Axtra® PHY is sourced from a Buttiauxella species bacterium and is expressed in a Trichoderma reesei fungus.

Axtra® PHY works quickly in the digestive tract and has the highest activity at low pH. This doubles the rate of phytate destruction to release phosphorus and overcome its anti-nutrient effects. It provides the fastest route to top animal performance, reduces phosphorus waste and improves profitability Dr. Amir added. Dr. Amir discussed the benefits of Axtra® PHY. He presented how it reduced feed cost. He also talked Evidence based optimized dose.

At the end of discussion, a question and answering session was held.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Hasan Mahmud, Chief Operating Officer, Animal Agricultural Business, Eon Group of Industries along with Mr.Mahmud Alam, DGM. Mr. Hasan Mahmud expressed his gratitude to the guests those who participated the seminar and make it successful. He thinks that everybody from the country's poultry industry entrepreneurs will benefit from this kind of technical seminar.

Approximately 90 persons attended the seminar, including the nutritionist, high officials of DLS, Teaher, entrepreneur, senior executives, consultant, invited guest of the country's leading company like Nourish, Paragon, Kazi, Aftab, Provita, Aman, Ag Agro, AIT, Index, Dhaka Group, Fresh, Phenix, VIP Shahadat, Aleya, SMS, Lucky And many renowned Feed Industry as well as the breeder specialist.

At the end of the seminar, all participated in a dinner with excellent environment.

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