Myco Curb® M3 introduced in Bangladesh

Staff With the good news for country’s feed industries Myco Curb® M3 an innovative KEMIN’s product has introduced in Bangladesh. During the second day (8 March) of 11th international poultry show-2019. Mr, Moshiur Rahman, President Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) was present as chief guest and inaugurated Myco Curb® M3 at KEMIN’s stall.

It is informed that Myco Curb® M3 is a unique blend of organic acids, stable bio flavones (SBF) combined with complete range of integrated surfactants for processing (CRISP), to ensure improved anti-mold and feed mill efficiency.

Myco Curb® helps feed industry as well as the consumers because it has excellent features

•   Myco Curb M3 secures feed safety by prevention from recontamination of mold.
•   It minimizes in-process loss by maintaining moisture in feed matrix.
•   Myco Curb M3 reduces dust formation and save reprocessing cost by reduction of fines %. Low fines % helps in prevention of loss of micro-nutrients like minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
•   control on variations by limiting or eliminating process variability, with engineering technology.
•   Increases throughput by improving processing.
•   Myco Curb M3 diminishes specific energy use and saving production cost.
•   Myco Curb M3 improves PDI and starch gelatinization by improving conditioning of feed.

Country’s renowned feed nutrition & consultant think that Myco Curb® M3 helps feed industries to produce safe feed which is very necessary for the poultry as well as consumers.

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