New horizon in pet care services in Bangladesh, desk:Pet has been kept with human being from time immemorial. There are thousands of tales that describe the deep friendship between pets and human being. Nowadays pets are not only kept as a hobby, but they also have become the family member of the house where they are kept.

In this modern era, pets are no more for ornamental purposes but they have become the company. Therefore, the trend to keep a pet like dogs or cats as a family member in Bangladesh has increased vividly in recent years especially in mega cities where keeping large pets are difficult due to limitations in spaces. However, comparative to the outer world pet related services like special veterinary consultancy, diagnosis and treatment facilities are very limited in Bangladesh. Pet owners get scared thinking the proper treatment and diagnostic facilities for their beloved pets. Moreover, there are lack of facilities to find pet food, accessories and other things to meet their daily requirements. In these circumstances, there are constant demands from the pet owners of the country where they can have all the veterinary, health, food and other management facilities under the same roof.

Keeping the constant demand and necessities of the pet owners in mind, a new state-of-the-art pet animal clinic named “Dr Saiful's Vet & Pet Care” were opened on Sunday 10 June at House #68/10, Europa School Lane, Zigatola Post Office Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Internationally recognized legendary Bangladeshi  small animal practitioner,  

Dr KBM Saiful Islam in collaboration with Bangladesh Entrepreneurs Honoring Award- 2017 winner pet food and accessories supplying company have taken the initiative to establish a complete set-up for the pet owners of Bangladesh where they can have A to Z facilities for their pets.

The clinic started its journey today with a promise to provide A complete solution for pet care in Bangladesh under the same roof.  As like as human medicine the animal clinic has brought different diagnostic tests like Canine Distemper, Parvo Viral Infection or Feline Cancer or AIDS diagnosing facilities for the proper identification of the diseases of the animal so that treatment could be given as required. In addition to this, the clinic will provide consultancy on necessary dietary management of special care cases like diabetic or kidney patients.

More than 300 pet owners were present in the opening ceremony today. A young pet owner named Roslene says, "I have been rearing a pet cat since my childhood. Frequently it gets affected by different diseases. But I have not found any suitable animal hospital for proper treatment. Now I am truly happy that we have at least one facility here in Bangladesh where diseases would be diagnosed fast and treated accordingly".  

Toma Hossain, another pet owner says, "I have been rearing dogs and cats for six years long. They have become everlasting friends of my family, But  we have not get a place  for proper treatment. I am pleased to know that a modern pet animal hospital will be run by the consultancy of Dr. KBM Saiful. I have been visiting Dr. Saiful for last 4-5 years and have developed unparalleled dependency to his consultancy. I hope that beside treatment of pet animal there will be better opportunities of health Management for pet animal".  

The owners of who are also the co-entrepreneurs of Dr. KBM Saiful’s Vet & Pet Care, Ms. Rabita Bhuiyan Tanaya and Dewan Rakib Shah opined as "we have been working with pet animal food and products for long since. But we have a dream to establish a modern pet care center  for better health management. We feel proud to work with internationally recognized veterinarian Dr KBM Saiful Islam. We hope that, we will  run one stop service for pet animal.

Vet & Pet Care’s Chief Consulting Vet, Dr KBM Saiful Islam says "Any big dream starts with a small step. A seedling  becomes to a big tree. I am dreaming that International standard pet animal care hospital will be established in Bangladesh from our this initiative, where  modern facilities such as diagnosis, treatment and health care will be available for proper treatment of pet animals".-Press Release

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