Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Meyn welcomes you at VIV Asia 2017

agrilife24.com:Meyn welcomes you to visit Hall 098, Stand 3461 at VIV Asia 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.  With a commitment to increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs, our product focus for the event will be Meyn's latest innovations:

Visitors to VIV Asia will discover that Meyn has solutions for all stages of the processing line, from stunning and evisceration through to cut-up and then the precise and specialized deboning of different chicken parts, among which the newest innovation: Rapid breast deboner M 4.0 for up to 4000 bph, the Plug & Play version of the renowned Rapid Plus which processes up to 6000 bph. Also presented will be deboning solutions for whole legs and thighs as well as the newest cut-up technology.