Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Alltech Bangladesh announces winners of Alltech Art Contest 2016, unveils 2017 calendar with children’s artwork

[DHAKA, Bangladesh] – As society becomes increasingly urban and disconnected from the natural world, it is becoming more important to engage the next generation in agriculture. With that in mind, Alltech Bangladesh held its first Alltect Art Contest across the animal feed industry of Bangladesh for children ages 6-12 years old.

“Alltech has invested in partnerships and activities around the world as part of its long-term strategy for engaging children and youth in science and agriculture,” said Dr. Aman Sayed, regional director of Alltech South Asia. “Through this contest, we have endeavoured to increase children's understanding of agriculture and livestock and provide an opportunity for them to collectively voice their thoughts.”

The themes of the contest were on dairy, poultry, aquaculture, general agriculture and farmers’ families. Twelve paintings were selected by an independent jury. Alltech Bangladesh celebrated the winning entries at an awards ceremony with the winning children and their parents, where each child was awarded a cash prize and a certificate. The 2017 Alltech Bangladesh calendar, in which the children’s artworks have been published, was also unveiled.

The 12 winners included:
1. Aurpon Saha,  2. Nujhat Hossan Nawer,  3. Shadia Islam,  4. Md. Arikul Islam,  5. Nafian Nafsin Sharif,  6. Tanzim Zakaria,  7. Shababa Tanjila Troyee, 8. Nasif Bin Alam, 9. Sreya Shemonty,  10. Keyaan Shahriar, 11. Bishal Mahmud,  12. Suha Sayonty

All the parents were very proud of their children and expressed appreciation for Alltech’s initiative.

“Being a global pioneer of the industry, this is actually Alltech’s ability to view the future and explore new ideas through finding hidden talents of these children who are the future”, - said one of the parents.

Later in the evening, a magician/ventriloquist entertained the audience delighting all, especially the children, with his unique performance.

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