Saturday, 21 July 2018


Kemin Seminar Helps Producers L.E.A.P. Toward Profitable Animal Farming

Industry experts share insights during the inaugural milling and nutritional efficiency seminar
CHENNAI, India (May, 2017)–  Kemin Industries, a global leader in developing feed ingredients for animal nutrition and health, recently organized a first-of-its-kind, two-day “Leveraging Efficiency; Accelerating Progress (L.E.A.P.)” seminar on milling and nutritional efficiency. More than 100 customers attended the event in Kolkata, India.

As the world’s population grows and incomes rise, so does the demand for food, especially high quality animal protein. In order to keep up with demand and maintain profitability, animal producers need high quality, affordable animal feed.

“Producers are seeing fluctuations in raw material quality, specifications and price, which makes it very challenging to run efficient and profitable operations,” said Dr. R. Sureshkumar, President of Kemin Industries South Asia. “Through our L.E.A.P. seminar, we brought together renowned experts in feed efficiency and animal nutrition to help producers bridge the gap between raw material challenges and rising protein demands.”
Six industry experts, including Mr. M. Kanagraj, Mr. Muthu Murugan, Mr. Avra Raychaudhuri, and Professor D. Chandrasekaran, Dr. Santiago Ramirez Ph.D, FCR Consulting Group from Australia and Mr. Marcel Van Culemborg, Zetadec from Netherlands, shared their insights on milling and nutritional efficiency during the seminar.

“We asked attendees to submit questions prior to the event, which allowed each industry expert to tailor their presentations to the needs of the audience. This allowed for productive and valuable conversations that producers could take back and implement into their practice immediately,” said Sureshkumar.

One key topic covered was optimizing the pellet feed milling process. Kemin team members and industry experts provided specific lessons on understanding the nutrient characteristics of raw materials and how to properly use milling equipment. Through this conversation, producers gained valuable takeaways on how to reach a desired pellet durability index (PDI) at optimum costs.

Kemin product and technical experts Dr. Prince Nanda, Brand Manager of MillSMART™, Dr. S Chandrasekar, Brand Manager of Enzyme and Lipid Nutrition, and Mr. J. Satishkumar, Enzyme Expert, shared the products and services Kemin offers to accelerate animal progress and performance.

“At Kemin, we’re committed to sharing knowledge that gives our customers the edge they need to be prepared for the demands of tomorrow,” said Mr. Kannan, Director of Marketing for Kemin Industries South Asia. “These types of knowledge-sharing events will continue throughout 2017 as part of our ‘What Tomorrow Brings?’ campaign.”
---Kemin will soon be adding videos of the presentations to the website.