Sunday, 24 June 2018


DSM launched New Calculator for Optimizing Protein at Bangkok business desk:DSM Nutritional Products organized a satellite symposium in Bangkok recently, aiming to extend its technical expertise in feed enzyme application. The seminar was well attended by Poultry industry stakeholders across Asia Pacific.

The symposium was chaired and coordinated by Dr. Rider Perez, Technical Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, DSM Nutritional Products, Singapore.

Dr.Fidelis Fru, Director of Marketing and Nutritional Solutions, DSM Nutritional Products, APAC welcomed the guests and gave a brief introduction about DSM’s global activities which focuses on working for people and planet by providing the right solutions to improve the quality of life. He emphasized on DSM’s mission ‘’To create brighter lives for people today and generations to come’’. Broad range of ingredients and application from DSM supports nutrition and health of animals across species. He also explained DSM’s global alliance with Novozyme, world leader in enzyme research and production and highlighted the knowledge, capabilities and commitment of these two world leaders in the field of feed enzymes.

Prof Aaron Cowieson, Principal Scientist at DSM Animal Nutrition and Health presented a paper titled ‘’Phytate free nutrition: Diet implications’’, in which he highlighted endogenous amino acids flow and energy implications with phytase application. He also explained the role that Myo inositol plays in phytase nutrition and contributing to improving the performance of the animal.. He presented RONOZYME® HiPhos on broiler meta-analysis which contained data from several different studies across the world and illustrated how all of these can be put in a model to predict the effect of the enzyme at normal dosages and also at very high dosages.

Dr. Caterina Sefenello, Dept of Animal Science, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil presented a paper titled ‘’Maximising protease benefits by understanding your amino acid levels’’. Her trial data showed improvement in ileal digestibility of Soyabean meal amino acids from different regional sources when supplemented with a feed protease (RONOZYME®  ProAct). She also pointed out that exogenous protease is a valuable asset in broiler meat production as its supplementation reduces endogenous losses, as well as narrowing down  variability stemming from different raw material quality .

The Brazilian experience on optimising the value of soybean and other ingredients was shared by Jose Otavio B.Sorbara, Global Enzymes Manager, DSM Nutritional products Switzerland. He explained variability of nutrients in Soya bean meal, Full Fat Soya and Corn samples collected from different regions in Brazil and their impact on feed cost as well as quality. He demonstrated that RONOZYME® ProAct is an ideal tool to mitigate the problem of nutrients variability and substantiated with data on improvement in Standardized Ileal Digestibility (SID) of amino acids. He introduced friendly online tool to optimise diet with RONOZYME® ProAct (The New ProAct Calculator). The tool covers 22 various poultry feed ingredients and the matrix values that can be used in any diet/feed that contains these ingredients. He invited customers and industry experts to go the the website and try the tool and see how easy to use it is and most importantly the value RONOZYME® ProAct will bring in their operations. The participants were excited with the live demonstration of New Calculator .& expressed keen interest in using it.