Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Wenger invites to visit their booth at VIV ASIA’2017

agrilife24.com:Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. invited to visit their booth number is H100-1830 at VIV ASIA’2017. Wenger sharing the most updated knowledge, advanced technology on the industries.

Wenger broad range of products makes it possible for Wenger to match the machine(s) to the exact requirements of each customer, whether the application is:

--Food-ready-to-eat cereals, pastas, snack foods, breadings, and textured vegetable proteins

--Pet Foods and Treats-dry, semi-moist, high meat, co-extruded, multi-colored, novelty shapes

--Aquatic Feeds-floating, sinking, slow-sinking, and specialty products

--Industrial-biodegradable packing material, oilseed processing, starch-based products, detergents.