Tuesday, 17 July 2018


AXON signed up an agreement with UNITED IVORY

agrilife24.com:AXON signed up an agreement with UNITED IVORY a subsidiary of 30 yrs old very renowned Malaysian company TONG YONG Metal Sdn Bhd to design & supply of Pre-Fabricated Agro house system, Green House System, CS PU panel & Pre Fabricated panel construction exclusivity for Bangladesh area.

The agreement was signed by the Chief Engineer & Director of operations who happens to be a Gold Medalist in Civil Engineering titled with the honorary rank of within 150 of top C.E in South East Asia.

United IVORY brings a fresh and innovative approach in its designs and solutions on deluxe range air tight agro-house system using light-weight galvanized steel hollow sections.

With its advanced technology, the design is made to be "Easy to Install" based on building's specification to get better feed efficiency, better growth rate, and improve operating profits through better bird's  performance and lower mortality rate. Patented certificate over some advanced countries like US, UK, Australia, Japan was honored on the light-weight galvanized steel hollow sections.

The company is still growing and diversifies its business on supplying materials for housing projects and development,  serving international and domestic sectors.