Saturday, 18 August 2018


Directors of Al-Amin Agrovet visited four EU Animal Health Companies representatives of Al-Amin Agrovet Ltd namely its Chairman Dr. Mujammel Huq Khan and Executive Director Dr. Rashedul Jakir have visited the EU countries with the invitation of the MIAVIT GmbH, Germany and CPC, recently. During visit, they have gathered knowledge on the recent scientific development of animal health sector around the EU countries and also exchange their views and opinions about challenges and opportunities lying in this sector in Bangladesh.

The two experts of Al-Amin Agrovet Ltd also participated in a seminar on ‘Broiler feeding for maximal development’ organized by MIAVIT GmbH, Germany at its office. In the seminar, the experts of MIAVIT GmbH introduced their products and discussed about the efficacy of those products.

Four companies from European Union (EU) countries have agreed to export their feed additives, minerals and vitamins to Bangladesh through Al-Amin Agrovet Ltd, a concern of the Dhaka Group of the companies, MIAVIT GmbH, Germany and CPC, Spain has signed agreements with Al-Amin Agrovet Ltd’s authority since 2014. In the meeting with MIAVIT GmbH, it is agreed that AL-Amin Agrovet Ltd and MIAVT will jointly promote feed grade animal feed additives in Bangladesh, such as, for poultry (Vitamin & Mineral Premixes, Choline Chloride-60%, Mycotoxin Binder, Mia Diasan, Lacto Acidophillus, Mia Wall & Miarom P) and for dairy (Mia Max, Mia First Aid P & Mia Vital).

Al-Amin Agrovet has always emphasized to promote phytogenic feed grade products like ‘Copinat Poultry’ a specialized phytogenic feed grade product originated from essential oil. Al-Amin Agrovet Ltd has exclusively been importing such products including Poly Valent Micotoxin Binder like Copitox MB from CPC, Spain. During visit to CPC, Spain another two products, Copi Chelated Organic Mineral containing Enzyme & Phytase & Copi Acid as salmonella killer.

meanwhile the authorities of other two companies showed their keen interest on signing agreements with Al-Amin Agrovet to export their products to Bangladesh. The decision was finalized while two experts of Al-Amin Agrovet visiting these two companies. Al-Amin Agrovet usually supplies feed additives to the Bangladeshi feed manufacturers and has been working to flourish the poultry and dairy industries since its inception.

The relation that cemented with the EU feed additive producers during the visit will help the Bangladeshi feed manufacturers in future to get quality products and ensure supply of quality feed for the countries poultry and dairy industries.