Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Popularization of Mechanical Rice Transplantation

Joint activities by ACI and Govt. Organization
Dr. F H Ansarey:Bangladesh is the 4th largest rice producing country in the world. Around 80% of total cultivated land utilized for rice is covered with transplanted rice. However, manual transplantation of rice is expensive because of labor shortage during harvesting season. Mechanical transplantation of rice has been considered the most promising option as it saves labor, ensures timely transplanting and attains optimum plant density that contributes to high productivity.

There are some challenges like: seedling rising, operation and maintenance, on time availabilities of seedling for popularization of mechanical Rice Transplanter. To overcome these challenges ACI Motors is planning with Government subsidy project ACI Motors is planning with Government subsidy project under Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) to promote this technology. Government subsidy will support farmers to purchase Transplanter and ACI will provide support like: training on seedling rising, maintenance and operation. Thus, we are planning to popularize mechanical rice transplanter to the farmer’s level.

According to Prof. Dr. Md. Monjurul Alam, Bangladesh Agricultural University, by using Rice Transplanter farmers can save transplantation cost up to 9,600 Tk/ha.

-Source:BIOLIFE- Volume 01, Issue 64, September 2017