Saturday, 21 July 2018


VISCOFAN transforming the Global CASING Market for Meat Products

Agri Industry & business desk:SAUSAGES and COLD CUTS (MEAT PRODUCTS) are not unknown to Bangladesh anymore but many of us do not know about the most important material that is used to make these products which is known as CASING (External Layer). They can be natural & artificial of various types, forms & color based on products. It is know that in Germany there are over 1000 type of sausages with very high consumption rate has one of the best technology of it’s process.

Just few companies in the world that manufactures this Casings also not everyone has the capability to produce the complete range. The company that has transformed the Global casing market serving over 40 years having 11 factories in 4 continents delivered over 100 countries in supply of the complete range from Cellulose, Collagen, Fibrous & Plastic leading the CASING market for Meat Products is VISCOFAN GROUP of Spain.

Mr. Kevin Dingler, Area Sales & Technical Manager just visited Bangladesh from VISCOFAN where he met some of their Viscofan product users through their exclusive local distributor AXON. Almost all of the local reputable Meat Sausages & Cold Cuts producers are using Viscofan Meat Casings due to it's quality, full supply range, competitive price, Halal certified products & Service.

Mr. Zahidul Islam, Managing Director of AXON feels that there is a great potential in the growth of the Sausage Industry in Bangladesh both local & export but there is a lot more can be done on the quality as well as on the varieties which he is willing to provide his best possible support if needed. It is to be quoted that AXON also now one of the leading distributor in the country in supply of the ingredients, seasonings, blends, premixes, sauces, marinades, coating, crumbing, bartering.....etc for the Food & Meat processing industries imported from top Global Brands also in service of providing the Processing Technology as well.

With the mission to serve as "Your TECHNOLOGY PARTNER from FARM to FOOD" maintaining it's top priorities of QUALITY, COMMITMENT & SERVICE now AXON has emerged in a one stop solution provider for the complete Poultry, Dairy, Fisheries & Food Sector in Bangladesh.