Sunday, 22 April 2018


Leadership: Following the great leaders

Sharin Afrin:Nowadays everyone wants to be an influencing leader despite of lack the quality. Political Leaders have good public speaking quality with involvement but often lacks knowledge and integrity. If we see today’s managerial leaders, they try to influence subordinates by using power. They take every decision by themselves and impose on them. They want the work done but do not know how to make the work done by the subordinates. As some manager lacks knowledge about leadership they don’t know the leadership theories like great man theory, trait theory, law of situation and so on. Those who know the theories don’t know how to implement or which one to implement. These all became great barrier for our managers to be influential leaders. An important factor in influencing is motivation where Involvement is the pathway to motivation. In most cases in Bangladesh, managers’ communication skill is not good enough to involve with the subordinates.

On the other hand, managers with good communication skill communicate properly but still lack involvement. Some managers may say, ‘brothers, I and you have no difference and we are equal.’ But in real life subordinates find the opposite scenario. As a result subordinates don’t get proper motivation. So a manager should tell what he really thinks, which makes sense, what is real not just an absurd story to motivate. To tell equal is to be equal like great Mahatma Gandhi.

In spite of various negative actions and deeds Adolf Hitler is considered one of the greatest Leaders in the world. Why is that? Was it because of his power only? No, it is because of his leadership quality, influencing ability, confidence, passion and knowledge.

Some people say leader are by born. But I think it is also a matter of following the great ones. The ones who influenced the people of the world and make them remember their names and deeds as well. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was the legend of patience, honesty and good behavior; Nelson Mandela who treated people equally seeing no color difference; Martin Luther King who taught the world to dream; Abraham Lincoln who showed the power of unity; George Washington who gave the taste of liberty; Alexander, Asoka, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte who showed the courage and bravery to the world are the great leaders of all time. By analyzing their life and leadership, Leaders of modern time may not be leaders like them but they will have a clear idea about what is leadership and what should a leader do. I think this is enough to lead our leaders toward the great leadership of modern time.
Writer is BBA Student, East-west University, Dhaka.