Monday, 25 June 2018


Improving the performance of layer birds through enzyme supplementation

Bharat L Sadarao, Venket M Shelke, and Saravanan Sankaran,Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd.

Feed is the major component in poultry production and accounts for more than 70% of production cost. Over the last few years, the cost of poultry production has increased due to the escalation in raw materials price.

The enormous increase in raw material prices has forced the poultry feed manufacturers to switch over to alternate feed materials. However, usage of unconventional feed raw materials contain anti-nutritional factors like non starch polysaccharides (NSP), responsible for more fiber content, variable nutritive value and are less digestible. This adversely affects the performance of poultry birds. The supplementation of exogenous enzymes is found to be effective in reducing the feed cost and the usage of alternate feed raw materials. Exogenous enzymes supplementation in poultry can positively influence nutrient utilization, health and welfare of the birds. Different enzyme concentrations in feed mixture increase laying hen productivity and nutrient digestibility. NutriKEM™ XLP is acombination of protease, xylanase mannanase, lipase and alpha amylase along with NSP’ases (cellulase, hemicellulase, pectinase, betaglucanase), embedded in lysophospholipids.It spares 100 – 125 kcal energy per kg feed and 0.6 – 1% crude protein by aiding in the digestion and absorption process of birds.

The objective of this field trial was to evaluate the efficacy of NutriKEM™ XLP in terms of improving egg production, reducing feed cost with better return on investment.

The trial was designed and conducted in a well-managed layer farm (Egg Way International Pvt. Ltd.) in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. A total of 23,759 (BV300) commercial layer birds at 44 weeks were selected from a large flock. They were housed in California cage system and duration of the study was 8 weeks including 4 weeks as the pre-trial period (control) and 4 weeks with the supplementation of NutriKEM™ XLP (treatment) as shown in Table 1.

Table 1:Trial design    

No Treatment groups Supplementation
1   Control    Normal layer diet without NutriKEM™ XLP
2   Treatment Reformulated layer diet with NutriKEM™ XLP @500g per ton of Feed

The birds were fed with layer mash feed throughout 8 weeks. The treatment group was supplemented with NutriKEM™ XLP at the rate of 500g/ton of feed and reformulated using a matrix value of apparent metabolizable energy (AME) 100kcal/kg feed and a crude protein value of 1%. The details of the experimental feed formulation and their nutrient composition are shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Feed formulation composition for control & treatment diets

         Control Diet (44 to 47 week) Treatment Diet (48 to 51 week)with NutriKEM™ XLP
Ingredient Quantity Cost/Kg (₹) Ingredient Quantity Cost/Kg (₹)
Maize 420 13 Maize 450 13
De oiled rice bran (DORB) 100 12 De oiled rice bran (DORB) 120 12
Param (broken rice) 100 12.5 Param (broken rice) 61.2 12.5
Sunflower de-oiled cake (SFDOC)  100 20 Sunflower de-oiled cake (SFDOC) 95 20
Soya bean meal 150 33 Soya bean meal 140 33
Stone 120 1 Stone 120 1
Dicalcium phosphate 10 36 Dicalcium phosphate 8 36
Salt 4 5 Salt 4 5
DL Methionine 1 250 DL Methionine 0.85 250
L- Lysine 0.5 160 L- Lysine 0.35 160
Phytase 0.1 240 Phytase 0.1 240
Enzymes 0.35 650 Enzymes 0.5  550
Total Feed 1005.95   Total Feed 1000  
Cost /Kg of Feed 15.94   Cost /Kg of Feed 15.57  
Nutrient Analysis
ME(Kcal/Kg 2394.76 ME(Kcal/Kg 2470.05
Crude protein % 15.93 Crude protein % 16.00
Lysine % 0.75 Lysine % 0.75
Methionine % 0.38 Methionine % 0.38
M + C % 0.58 M + C % 0.58
Threonine % 0.56 Threonine % 0.56
Linoleic Acid % 0.99 Linoleic Acid % 1.04
CF % 5.66 CF % 5.47
EE % 2.18 EE % 2.21
Ca % 4.62 Ca % 4.60
Av. P % 0.41 Av. P % 0.38
Na % 0.18 Na % 0.19
Cl % 0.28 Cl % 0.28



During the pre-trial and treatment period, egg production was measured. The data has been compiled for feed cost economics and return on investment (ROI) has been calculated.


1. Weekly Egg production:

There was improvement in hen housed egg production in treatment period with NutriKEM™ XLP as compared to the pre- trial period. The birds supplemented with NutriKEM™ XLP showed improvement in egg production by 4.33%.

2. Feed Cost:

The cost of NutriKEM™ XLP supplemented feed was 37 paisa/kg lesser than the control feed. This was due to the reformulation of layer feed using the matrix value of NutriKEM™ XLP (100 kcal/ kg, ME & 1 % crude protein).

3. Feed Consumption:

During 8 weeks the feed consumption by the birds was 146 tons (73 tons in pre-trial control period & 73 tons in treatment group with NutriKEM™ XLP).

4. Trial Economics and ROI:    

Feed Intake:-  

Total feed intake during pre-trial period (Week 44 to 47)                                                         = 73,000 kg
Feed cost @  Rs. 15.94/Kg                                                                                                         =Rs.11, 63,620
Total feed intake during treatment period of NutriKEM™ XLP (Week 48 to 51)                   = 73,000 kg
Feed cost @  Rs. 15.57/Kg                                                                                                           = Rs.11, 36,610
Saving from feed (In 28 Days)                                                                                                  = Rs. 27, 010

Egg production:-    
Total no. of eggs during pre-trial control period (Week 44 to 47)                                           = 4, 78,010 Eggs
Total no. of eggs during treatment period of NutriKEM™ XLP (Week 48 to 51)                 = 5, 00,700 Eggs
Total no. of eggs increased due to NutriKEM™ XLP                                                               = 22,690 Eggs
Saving from eggs (Rs.2.80/Egg) in 28 days                                                                              = Rs. 63, 532
Net savings by using NutriKEM™ XLP in 28 days                                                                    = Rs. 90,542
Cost of NutriKEM™ XLP@ 500gm/MT                                                                                     = Rs. 20,075
ROI                                                                                                                                                = 1: 4.51


This trial showed that NutriKEM™ XLP supplementation improved the performance of the commercial layer in terms of improved egg production and reduced feed cost per kg. The better performance in treatment group may be attributed to better nutrient utilization with improved digestion and absorption of proteins, NSP, carbohydrate and fats by multi-enzymes present in NutriKEM™ XLP fortified with the action of lysophospholipids.


The supplementation of NutriKEM™ XLP in the commercial layer through regular diet with reformulations improved egg production by 4.33 % and reduced per kg feed production cost by 0.37 paisa as compared to pre-trial control group. NutriKEM™ XLP not only reduced the feed formulation cost but also improved the overall performance of layer birds with better economics and return on investment (ROI) of 1:4.51.