Huawei Hosts Annual Data Center Ceremony 2024 Recently Huawei hosted its annual Data Center Ceremony 2024 at Huawei Bangladesh Academy, showcasing remarkable achievements and recognizing outstanding partners in the data center industry. Present customers and partners in the event also expressed their experience with Huawei data center products and services.

Throughout 2023, Huawei implemented advanced data center technologies in various industries including readymade garments. Demonstrating expertise in providing innovative solutions tailored to specific industry needs, Huawei also deployed a groundbreaking 2.8 MW UPS with Lithium Battery Solution for Akij Ceramics. On the other hand, Huawei has brought FusionModule 800 Modular Data Center that boasts a space-saving design and integrated power and cooling solutions, allowing for seamless scalability to meet evolving business requirements.

Huawei has also established a pool of partners to support the data center industry in Bangladesh. And in this event, Huawei honored its top-performing partners with awards for their effort and project performance.

Liang Weixing (Jack), Managing Director of Huawei South Asia Digital Power Business Department said, "We are delighted to celebrate the remarkable achievements showcased at the Huawei Bangladesh Data Center Ceremony 2024. The breakthroughs achieved in 2023 underscore Huawei's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our partners and customers. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners for their unwavering support and dedication, which has been instrumental in driving our success. Moving forward, Huawei remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation and collaboration, as we continue to advance the data center industry in Bangladesh and beyond."

MD. Mizanur Rahman, Managing Director of Studio Innovation Ltd said, "We are honored to receive recognition. This event not only celebrates our achievements but also highlights the strong partnership we share with Huawei. The breakthrough solutions provided by Huawei have played a pivotal role in our success, enabling us to meet the evolving needs of our clients and expand our business offerings. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with Huawei and driving further innovation in the data center industry.

Huawei has introduced a wide range of top-notch data center solutions such as SmartLi, a battery energy storage system solution, FusionModule800, a smart small data center solution for edge computing and branch outlets, and UPS5000-E, a modular UPS solution for medium-sized data centers and critical power supply scenarios. The Huawei Bangladesh Data Center Ceremony 2024 celebrated the past year's achievements while looking ahead to continued innovation and collaboration in the data center industry.