Tricho-Compost: Organic Fertilizer for Soil Amendment Tricho-compost is the material that results when spores of a beneficial fungus, Trichoderma sp. are used in the composting process. Trichoderma sp. is a natural competitor against a wide range of harmful fungi; when it is added to compost, the latter can then work as an anti-fungal agent to protect crops in the field.

The soil of Bangladesh required 5% of Organic Matter whereas it contains less than 1% on average, moreover the excessive use of Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticides are decaying soil quality. Day by day the soil fertility is decreasing and crop yield is hampering. Tricho-compost is primarily used as a soil amendment. Like traditional compost, it improves soil structure, improves water holding capacity, can help regulate soil pH, and can assist with soil temperature maintenance. It should be applied at a rate of 2 to 2.5 tons/hectare to the crop field. It can be used in the land preparation stage, and/ or as a second dose or overhead dose for the farmer’s plants.

Tricho-compost has additional benefits compared to traditional compost:
• Tricho-compost works as a natural antifungal agent against harmful fungi (Pythium sp, Sclerotium sp, Phytophthora sp, Rhizoctonia sp, Fusarium sp, Botrytis sp, Sclerotinia sp ), which are mostly responsible for soil born disease and fungal wilt;
• Because of the inclusion of poultry refuse, Tricho-compost provides resistance against bacterial wilt and nematode infestation.