ACI Seed Unveils High-Yield Potato Varieties in 19 Field Day Events ACI Seed hosted a series of 19 Field Day Programs recently, shining a spotlight on four new seed potato varieties. These programs were strategically designed to provide essential information to farmers and traders in key potato-growing regions. By offering in-depth insights into the characteristics, benefits, and potential of these varieties, ACI Seed aimed to empower participants to make informed decisions. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to witness the performance of these varieties firsthand in the field, further enhancing their understanding and confidence in adopting them. These initiatives not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also encouraged the adoption of innovative seed potato varieties, poised to enhance the productivity and prosperity of the potato industry.

The spotlight was on Valencia, Asterix, Diamant, and ACI Pakri-2 during these field day programs, with particular emphasis on Valencia. Originating from the Netherlands, Valencia underwent extensive trials and demonstrations in highly cultivated areas before its launch. The enthusiastic response from dealers, retailers, and farmers in various regions such as Bogra, Rajshahi, Joypurhat, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Cumilla, and Manikganj underscores the growing interest and potential demand for these varieties.

Valencia stands out as a top-performing potato variety, boasting an impressive average yield of 39 MT per hectare, a remarkable 38% higher than the most popular variety, Diamant, in Bangladesh. With an average tuber weight of approximately 80 grams, Valencia is suitable for both table consumption and industrial use. It offers a delightful texture and flavor with a dry matter percentage of around 22.5%. Moreover, Valencia exhibits resistance to common potato ailments like late blight and scab, and its relatively short harvesting duration of 80 to 85 days surpasses regular varieties grown in the country by 5 to 10 days. With storage capabilities of 70 to 75 days at normal temperatures and minimal processing loss of less than 2%, Valencia proves versatile for various potato-based products.

The field day programs saw an impressive turnout of over 2300 individuals, including farmers, retailers, and dealers, actively engaging in the sessions. The participants' keen interest and commitment to adopting these new varieties in the upcoming season highlight the success and impact of these initiatives. ACI Seed's dedication to organizing such events has undoubtedly contributed positively to the participants' knowledge and future cultivation endeavors.