Poultry entrepreneurs of Bangladesh are very talented and hard working

Agrilife24.com: Poultry entrepreneurs of Bangladesh are very talented and hard working. They are able to adapt the latest technologies very easily. By virtue of working in Bangladesh, he has had the opportunity to work with those involved in the poultry industry in different parts of the country. Poultry farmers as well as entrepreneur in Bangladesh, everyone in the industry always welcomes the latest innovative technologies. To make the poultry industry sustainable, it must meet the best of the world's current technologies.

On the eve of the three-day International Poultry Show in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Mr. EDVENT CHIN, Regional General Manager of Big Herdsman Machinery Co., LTD addressed these words while congratulating the organizers of the poultry fair.

There is an opportunity to make poultry products of Bangladesh suitable for international standards. He believes the technology for the modern poultry industry will be showcased at the upcoming World Poultry show organized bt WPSA-BB. The organizers here conduct the fair very successfully, this fair will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to the entrepreneurs. He wished the success of the 12th International Poultry