Technical seminar on "Current Issuse & Focus on Energy Metabolism" was held in Dhaka

Staff Correspondent: The poultry industry has become the leading supplier of efficient, high-quality animal proteins to the worldwide. Poultry meat and eggs provide several advantages relative to other sources of animal-based foods. Modern, high-producing poultry are healthier than 30 years ago. This achievement of the poultry industry did not happen in a day, it had to face various challenges to move forward. The poultry industry has successfully faced many challenges in the past and is likely to overcome the existing challenges as well.

On Tuesday (July 11) evening, a legendary veteran nutritionist Dr. Steve Leeson, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, addressed these with facts at a seminar titled "Current Issuse & Focus on Energy Metabolism" jointly hosted by Indian Herbs Specialties Pvt. Ltd. India & Avon Animal Health, Dhaka.

The entire seminar hall listened attentively to the speech of Dr. Steve Leeson one of the most experienced and renowned nutritionists in the world in pin-drop silence.

  • increased productivity means that the birds are closer to their physiological limits, and nutrition, environment and management have become increasingly important. The move away from in-feed antibiotic growth promotors has resulted in challenges in maintaining gut health and consequently, bird performance.
  • The industry adapts to production without the use of antibiotic growth promotors, long-term benefits may be realized due to a reduction in antimicrobial resistance. Intensive selection for meat yield and efficiency are associated with an increased risk of muscle myopathies that affect bird health and meat quality.
  • Broiler chickens and laying hens provide most of the poultry products for human consumption. The poultry industry has proven to be resilient and creative in meeting the changing consumer demands and regulatory pressures, and it is likely that this will continue into the future.

These issues come up during the Dr. Steve Leeson's discussion in the seminar. Besides, the nutritionist's excellent question and answer session was very lively and interesting.

Mr. AKM Sayeed Sarwar (Litu), CEO of Avon Animal Health gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the event. Dr. Shivi Maini, General Manager-Technical, Executive Vice President of Indian Herbs Specialties Pvt. Ltd. also delivered speech at the seminar and answered various questions.

Mr. Md. Mahbub Hasan, EVP of Avon Animal Health expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to all the guests who came to the seminar & make it successful.

All those who came to the event said that such seminars will be important for the poultry industry to face the possible challenges of the future.

The entire program was conducted by Head of Sales Avon Animal Health Md. Ziaur Rahman in associated with the technical manager of the company Dr. Bikash Chandra Biswas and Coordinator (HR & IT) Md Saifur Rahman Bayezid.

It is noted that, Avon Animal Health, a popular company in the animal health sector, is working relentlessly in the poultry industry in the country. Providing quality and up-to-date animal health products to marketers as well as up-to-date technical information for poultry development to stakeholders.