Extension Work on Summer Onion ‘Biplob’: Meeting with DAE-Rajshahi

Agrilife24.com: ACI Seed arranged a meeting with the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) for its Summer Onion ‘Biplob’ at Sadar, Rajshahi recently. Biplob can be cultivated from April to September. The variety is high-temperature and rainfall tolerant. The disease resistance is high for the variety. It is a widely adaptable variety and there is a superior yield advantage with 30-32 MT/Hectare. The crop duration is about 100 days after transplanting.

The germination percentage of the seed of ‘Biplob is more than 90%. The bulb shape is a flat globe and the bulb color is pink rose. Besides, the average bulb weight is 70-100 gm, and more than 90% of bulbs are single bulbs. The bolting percentage is less than 5%. Moreover, the pungency of the variety is medium to high. The storage capacity is 2-3 months.

Mr. Shamsul Wadud, Additional Director; Mr. Mozdar Hossain, Deputy Director; Ms. Umme Salma, District Training Officer; Ms. Sharmin Sultana, ADD, Crop; Ms. Sabina Begum, ADD, Horticulture and the Upazilla Agriculture Officers of Rajshahi District were present in the meeting. Mr. Yusuf Alam, Asst. Marketing Manager, ACI Seed; Mr. Mohibullah Ibne Hoque, PDS Manager, East West Seed; Mr. Ziaur Rahman, Area Sales Manager and Territory Officer of ACI Seed were present in the program.

The officials of East West Seed and ACI Seed discussed the characteristics and performance of the variety and decided to conduct 40 demonstrations of Summer Onion ‘Biplob’ under DAE, Rajshahi. AD & DD, DAE discussed the process of seedbed preparation, transplanting, fertilizer and pest management to conduct the demonstration successfully. DAE also agreed to conduct meetings with SAAO, Retailers and Farmers in each Upazilla of Rajshahi along with ACI & EWS on Summer Onion Biplob.

Biplob is an amazing onion variety with unleashed potential. Considering the potentiality, ACI Seed is working with East-West Seed International, a giant multinational company. The goal is to promote the summer onion variety in Bangladesh.