ACI Seed introduced ‘Bandhu Dhan’: High-Performing Coarse Rice

Agrilife24,com: Recognizing the market potential, ACI Seed has introduced a highly competitive coarse rice variety under the brand name ‘Bandhu Dhan’, registered as ACI Agrolink Hybrid Dhan-2. This variety originates from Chongqing Zhong Yi Seed Co. Ltd, a renowned seed company in China. ACI Seed has dedicated several years to developing this potential coarse rice variety, and it has demonstrated outstanding performance in farmers' fields during the last Boro Season.

The optimal seed sowing period for Bandhu Dhan is from October 15th to January 15th, with November being the best time for sowing. The variety boasts a harvesting period of 140-145 days, with an average of 230-240 grains per panicle and a yield of 11-12 MT per hectare. Bandhu Dhan exhibits tolerance to Blast and BLB, ensuring healthy and productive plants throughout the growing season. Its adaptability to diverse growing conditions is notably higher, with no lodging or shattering in adverse climatic conditions. Additionally, the variety offers uniform grain size and shape, along with excellent milling and cooking quality, delivering a desirable texture and taste.

With the introduction of Bandhu Dhan, ACI Seed aims to capture a significant market share in the coarse rice segment shortly.