"ACI Seed's Groundbreaking Potato Workshop" Empowers Dealers in Dinajpur

Agrilife24.com: ACI Seed organized an impressive seed potato production field visit and workshop recently in Dinajpur, marking a significant endeavor. The event saw an impressive turnout of 72 participants, predominantly comprising Seed Potato Dealers and Retailers. Notably, key figures such as the Business Operation Manager, Mohammad Mizanur Rahaman; Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Khandakar Saifur Rahman; General Manager-Sales, Mr. AKM Shahinur Rahman; along with Sales Managers and Portfolio Managers, graced the occasion, enriching the proceedings with their esteemed presence.

The primary objective of the field visit was to raise awareness about ACI Seed Potato and instill confidence among customers and field personnel for the upcoming season. Participants had the opportunity to tour certified and net house fields, gaining firsthand insights into the comprehensive production and quality processes of seed potato. Their evident satisfaction with the observed practices underscored the success of the endeavor.

Additionally, the workshop provided by senior officials from ACI delved into the intricacies of production technology and quality protocols involved in seed potato cultivation. This facilitated a deeper comprehension among participants regarding the meticulous processes and methodologies employed by ACI to ensure the production of high-quality seed potatoes.

ACI Seed's proactive approach to soliciting customer feedback on seed potato performance reflects its unwavering commitment to product enhancement. Moreover, providing customers with the opportunity to witness the seed potato production field firsthand, showcasing exceptional plant growth potential with reduced disease risks, is commendable. The valuable input gathered from dealers, retailers, and field personnel regarding seed potato sales and marketing strategies, particularly concerning new varieties, will undoubtedly assist ACI Seed in better aligning their offerings with the preferences and requirements of their clientele.