Midori-chan: Helping Businesses Build a Better Tomorrow

Agrilife24.com: ACI Fertilizer recently brought an excellent technology ‘Midori-chan’ in Bangladesh and now the service is available for use in the corporate and domestic farming.

Midori-chan is a revolutionary Japanese greening system developed by Kawada Industries, Inc. It has been designed for building rooftops and roadside greening projects. It uses natural rainwater and recycled waste material to promote maximum vegetation growth, which minimizes maintenance and water use. Unlike other competing systems, which are often merely superficial examples of “green washing” to give the appearance of being environmentally friendly, the Midori-chan system is truly green throughout. Engineers in Japan have developed this innovative technology to encourage greener, cleaner communities and help to create a sustainable future for all.

The Midori-chan system operates in a natural way by cleaning, storing and recycling rainwater before supplying it to more than 100 potential species of plants. The ultra-lightweight system transfers moisture from water storage units via the thermal energy balance in the soil. A specially regenerated layer of charcoal filters the rainwater before it is drawn up into the plants’ roots.

The benefits of Midoi-chan are:
• Saves costs by using dramatically less water than the conventional greening system
• Reduces temperatures of concrete decks by over 30°
• Decreases the thermal load of the local environment by transferring heat to vegetation
• Removes more CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis
• Offers flexibility around loading constraints by tailoring soil depth as required
• With Midori-chan, you can achieve a sustainable green space while building a better tomorrow.