ACI Seed launched Promising Cabbage Variety 'ACI Busan ' ACI Seed launched a hybrid cabbage variety under the brand name “ACI Busan” with high aspiration. The origin of this is Asia Seed, a renowned company in South Korea. The market for cabbage is increasing significantly. The Business has a special consideration on the variety.

The sowing period of ACI Busan is August-November and is suitable for the mid-to-late season. The fruit’s shape is flat and round. Besides, the fruits weigh 2.5-3 Kg on average. The harvesting period of the fruit is from 65-70 days. ACI Busan is very compact. The plant of the variety is vigor and disease-tolerant. The aforementioned is credible enough in case of adverse weather conditions. The average yield of the variety is 25-28 MT per acre.