Introducing "DISCOVER 555" and "DISCOVER 777": New Maize Varieties for Rabi Season ACI Seed recently introduced two promising maize varieties for the Rabi Season. The new varieties, named "DISCOVER 555" and "DISCOVER 777," have been developed with updated traits and are highly competitive in terms of grain color, weight, shelling percentage, and disease resistance.

DISCOVER 555 is a nutrient-enriched, new generation maize variety with a sowing period from August to February. It offers an average yield of 180-200 Mond per Acre and features bright orange grains that are relatively bold and bigger. The husk cover is fairly closed, and the shelling percentage is 88%. This variety exhibits good standability and is disease tolerant, making it an attractive choice for the feed industry.

Similarly, DISCOVER 777 also has a sowing period from August to February and offers an average yield of 190-200 Mond per Acre. It shares similar characteristics with DISCOVER 555, including bright orange grains, a fairly closed husk cover, and good standability. Additionally, DISCOVER 777 is known for its excellent vigor, disease tolerance, and the ability to store grains for a long time, providing farmers with a satisfactory margin when selling.