OFFICINE FACCO SPA ACQUIRES SPEROTTO SPA Officine Facco announces the acquisition of Sperotto. Two historic Veneto based companies together: united by the values ​​of reliability, quality and attention to details, with a mutual focus on the best technologies available and both active for over 60 years. Is the beginning of a new journey that will promote the sharing of experiences and knowledge. New opportunities will arise on international markets for the future of both companies.

“In Sperotto we have found a complementary company, a leader in the broiler sector and, moreover, as strong in turnkey project as Facco is for eggs” declares Elisa Finco, Vice President of Facco Spa. “From this acquisition we expect an immediate growth for Sperotto thanks to the synergies created by their know-how combined with the network and the presence of Facco, which is already strong on an international level. We are two leading companies and joining forces will give value to both. Another objective of this acquisition will be to enhance the internal production of carpentry and prefabricated steel constructions, currently Sperotto's core business which produces sheds not only for poultry, but also for the industry in general.”

“For our company this is a very important step. The demands of today's market are more complex, it is therefore necessary to offer innovative solutions that combine experience and technology, always guaranteeing excellent production results. It has thus become essential for companies to join together and create a system to be more and more competitive, which can also be seen today in other industrial sectors" comments Renato Sperotto, President of Sperotto Spa, and adds "As Italian leaders in the conception and creation of turnkey projects for livestock, we think that this acquisition will open up new prospects for us in international markets".

“This acquisition consolidates the group strategy, adding Sperotto to Facco, Flexy and the Brazilian Artabas, which develop their business in a synergistic way but, each with its own autonomy, adding value and expanding the potential for a widespread penetration in all markets" declares Massimo Finco, President of Facco Spa and at the helm of the Group for over 30 years.

The two business realities are actively dedicated to the Research and Development and both firmly believe that results acquire greater value only when they are shared. Between Facco and Sperotto this will happen immediately to allow faster technological progress which will involve various areas of the poultry sector, from animal welfare to the workers’, from production efficiency to the quality of results. Both companies are growing, despite an unstable geopolitical situation in some regions of the world. From an operational point of view there will be no twistings: Sperotto Spa will continue to operate from Sandrigo (VI) headquarters with same people and collaborators and will maintain its independence in the market.

Sperotto Spa, based in Sandrigo (VI), has been operating since 1963 in the supply of turnkey floor systems for poultry and livestock farming. It designs, produces and tests poultry and livestock centres, based on continuous experience in close contact with customers. It offers technologically advanced and highly reliable products, characterized by high quality materials and attention to details, in order to provide customers with tools that optimize their profit.