Bangladeshi student has been selected as Secretary of Atlantis University students life Organization A newly constituted executive committee for the Atlantis University Student's Life Organization (AUSLO) has been formally announced, ushering in Bangladeshi student Dr. Md Mustafijur Rahaman Pappu as the newly elected General Secretary. The pronouncement of this administrative shift was made by Professor Mia Meritt, the esteemed Associate Dean overseeing the proceedings. At the helm of the student body now stands Sam Softa, who assumes the role of President, while Prashant Singh, Rosalinda Blavarca, and Paul Ngambong ascend to the positions of Vice President, Operations Officer, and Treasurer, respectively.

The newly elected Secretary, Dr. Md Mustafijur Rahaman Pappu, stated, "This is my first leadership experience at the international level. All credit goes to Almighty Allah. We will work together to build relationships among the students and strengthen bonds. It is my sanguine expectation that this committee shall etch an indelible mark in the annals of university history.

Dr. Md Mustafijur Rahaman Pappu boasts a rich academic pedigree, having attained the distinction of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and a prior Masters in Veterinary Pathology from Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU). Currently engrossed in the pursuit of his second master's degree within the institution, he humbly solicits prayers and goodwill from all quarters.