Step to Humanity Association and Akram Joma Forge Collaborative Partnership for Empowerment

Calgary, Canada - August 24, 2023: This morning, a pivotal joint meeting took place between Akram Joma, the largest Islamic center in Western Canada, and The Step to Humanity Association from British Columbia. Mohannad Hajjo, Program Coordinator of Akram Joma, along with Moazzam Hossain, General Secretary of The Step to Humanity Association and Delwar Jahid a distinguished figure with a rich background in freedom fighting, and academia, convened to underscore the significance of collaborative initiatives that will drive positive change.

In this coming together of visionaries, both organizations highlighted their commitment to undertaking partnership projects that will have a transformative impact. Delwar Jahid, an influential representative of The Step to Humanity Association, remarked on the organization's global efforts to uplift underprivileged communities in developing countries, most notably in Bangladesh. Their achievements encompass an array of endeavors including skill development training, educational scholarships, medical aid, clean water provisions, and emergency relief support. Jahid extended an invitation to both entities, inviting them to embark on a collective journey of empowerment and sustainable development. He stressed that by working collaboratively, the potential exists to create a lasting and affirmative change in the lives of the less fortunate.

Jahid also highlighted an ongoing research initiative by the Coastal 19 Group in Bangladesh, in collaboration with the Bangladesh North American Journalist Network and with the support of Step to Humanity Association. This endeavor is aligned with their commitment to undertaking projects that foster positive change on a substantial scale.

Moazzem Hossain, an accomplished agriculturist, echoed the sentiment of impactful change by acknowledging Step to Humanity Association's track record. Over the years, the association has successfully executed a variety of projects that have significantly improved the well-being of marginalized communities across developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. These initiatives encompass skill development, education, medical aid, clean water provision, and emergency relief efforts. Highlighting the "Empowering Women through Goat Rearing and Breeding in Bangladesh" initiative, Hossain noted that the association has provided sustainable livelihood opportunities to 300 families through goat distribution and training. The "Cataract Surgery and Awareness on Blindness in Bangladesh" project, having performed 100 cataract surgeries, stands as a testament to their dedication to transformative healthcare.

Mohannad Hajjo, Program Coordinator of Akram Joma, shed light on the center's role as an integral part of the charitable Muslim Community Foundation. Serving a vibrant community of over 25,000 Muslims in the Calgary Northeast region, Akram Joma prioritizes a range of events and initiatives spanning religious, educational, social, and faith-based domains. The center not only offers advanced education but also fosters unity, compassion, and peace among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Hajjo extended a heartfelt call to Step to Humanity, inviting them to propose partnership projects that would align their shared values and amplify their efforts toward empowerment and sustainable development. This collective endeavor is poised to chart a course of meaningful change and impact, setting a model for collaboration that uplifts and transforms lives.