Field Day of Hybrid Radish Variety "ACI Pulsar 35" held at Cumilla Seed has launched a hybrid radish variety under the brand name “ACI Pulsar 35” this year. To promote this variety, the company has undertaken various integrated efforts, including retailer and farmer meetings, result demonstrations, field day programs, and the use of promotional materials in potential areas. As part of these efforts, the Cumilla Area team organized a grand field day program for ACI Pulsar 35 in Burichang, Cumilla in September 2023.

ACI Pulsar 35 is an early-maturing variety that can be harvested within 35 days. It is cultivated from March to November. The fruits of this variety have a shiny white color with smooth skin, weighing an average of 250-300 grams. The variety offers an average yield of 30-35 metric tons per acre. The plants are compact and disease-tolerant, while the fruits are uniform in size, shape, and color.

The field day program was attended by Mr. Zakir Hossain, Regional Campaign Manager, Mr. Shohag Hossain, Area Sales Executive, and Territory Officer, along with more than 60 participants, including dealers, retailers, and farmers. The farmers were delighted with the fantastic results they achieved with ACI Pulsar 35, noting the uniformity in size, color, shape, and absence of branch roots. Their positive response has encouraged them to cultivate more of this variety in the upcoming season.