Promoting Prominent Water Melon Variety "Big Touch" in South Region Melon is one of the major cash crops for the farmers of the southern region especially in Patuakhali, Bhola, Barguna, Bagerhat, and Khulna targeting the rabi season. Considering the potentiality, ACI Seed is promoting a prominent watermelon variety under the brand name “Big Touch” in the southern region recently.

The variety is highly suitable for coastal and char areas. The specialty of the variety is the excellent, uniform and attractive color of fruits as well as higher marketable yield. The cultivation period of the variety is October to February. The average fruit weight is 12-15 Kg. The average yield is 40-50 MT per acre. It can be harvested by 65-70 days after transplanting. The bricks of the variety are 12-14.

The Field Force of the Southern Region conducted a special campaign program and demonstration at a watermelon-based area. The campaign program included farmer meetings, retailer meetings, a haat-bazar campaign, retailer contact, and the usage of different promotional materials at retail points. The Portfolio Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager and Marketing Officers participated in the program.

The farmers have already achieved a fantastic result of the variety in their field last year and showing a wonderful response to cultivate more this year.