Hatchery Talks® - Formaldehyde-free hatching egg disinfection

Agrilife24.com: Would you like to learn more about the specific strategies that Pas Reform Academy recommends regarding Formaldehyde-free hatching egg disinfection? Now you can! Join Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist for latest Hatchery Talks® webinar.

During this intensive 30-minute webinar, Gerd de Lange will discuss:

  • What alternatives are available for hatching egg disinfection with formaldehyde
  • How to use different applications for liquid disinfectants
  • Why correct dosing depends on the application method
  • Together with specialist Pas Reform Academy colleagues, Gerd de Lange, will be on-line throughout the webinar to answer all your burning questions.

You can register to join for the sessions at 11.00 or 20.00 CEST.

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